Remnant Birdseye

$ 2.00

Remnant fabrics are marked down significantly because they may have issues such as any of the following:

  • Dirty
  • End of the roll and may have irregularities
  • Odd yardage cuts
  • Holes
  • Fabric Defects

All fabrics & items are sold as is and are not eligible for return or exchange.


Birdseye diaper cloth, 100% Cotton, 48" wide.

Birdseye Pique diaper cloth is a woven fabric with a pique texture weave, the weave looks like a small diamond pattern. It will arrive to you feeling smooth and thin, but washes up more textured, soft and very thirsty. Birdseye continues to increase in absorbency and become even softer with more use.

Use Birdseye to make basic flat diapers, prefolds, fitted diapers, or All in Ones. It is also great for soft curtains, baby slings, breezy summer clothing, baby blankets and more.

Pre-Washing Instructions: Wash on hot and dry on hot using the same detergent you will when your item is sewn. Avoid fabric softener and bleach.

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