Remnant Microfiber Terry

$ 5.50

Remnant fabrics are marked down significantly because they may have issues such as any of the following:

- Dirty

- End of the roll and may have irregularities

- Odd cuts

- Holes

- Fabric Defects


All fabrics are sold as is and is not eligible for return or exchange.


Microfiber Terry is a very popular cloth diaper soaker fabric, often used in the inserts for well known pocket diapers as well as in the soaker pad area of other popular manufactured diaper styles.

A synthetic fabric, often touted for its super absorbency, moisture is actually trapped between the fibers making it a much sought after choice for night time diapers.

This fabric is suitable for soaker pad, doubler, and insert layers. However, it will be uncomfortable right next to baby's skin so make sure it is layered on top of or placed inside of something softer like microfleece or a natural fabric such as cotton velour.

3 - 4 layers are suitable for soaker pads, inserts, and doublers. The fabric is approximately 15.5 ounces per yard and is approximately 59" wide.

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