Snappi Diaper Fastener

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The Snappi Diaper Fastener makes cloth diapering a breeze. Gone are the old fashioned pins that can poke and scratch. The Snappi has little plastic "teeth" that grip to the diaper for a good, snug fit. The Snappi will fasten prefold and flat diapers made of typical loose twill or gauze. It also works well on diapers made of birdseye, stretch terry, and hemp french terry.

The Snappi will not grip to flannel or tightly woven fabrics. The Snappi can wear holes in interlock and jersey knits over time, but customers report they can get a lot of use out of them with knits.

In addition to making prefolds or flats, you may sew fitted or shaped cloth diapers from Snappi-friendly fabrics and use your Snappi in place of applying snaps or Velcro.

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