Woolly Nylon Variegated Serger Thread

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100% nylon thread of incredible strength, stretch, and memory. It is soft enough to snuggle next to baby's skin and fluffs to make a beautiful serged edge. For great elasticity and ravel-free finishing, reach for Woolly Nylon. 1000 meter cones.

Primary: A rainbow of bright primary colors including red, yellow, green, and blue.

Pastel: A soft palate of typical baby shades including baby yellow, baby pink, baby blue, and a hint of mint green.

Pink: Pretty shades ranging from pink to white.

Violet: A fun color way featuring shades ranging from purple to lavender to white.

Woolly Nylon FAQ:

Q: Can I use Woolly Nylon in the needles or just the loopers?
A: Woolly Nylon is most commonly used in the loopers but you can use it in your serger needles as well.

Q: I'm having difficulty getting Woolly Nylon to thread through the small needle eyes and holes in my looper configuration. Any tips?
A: Sure, we got this tip from one of our customers. Use a bit of nail polish to paint the end of your thread, twist until the polish dries, making a nice hardened tip to thread through small spaces.

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