Cloth Diaper Parts



Soaker Pad

This is the absorbent pad inside a diaper that will soak up your baby's wetness. It can be made of a variety of absorbent materials and will vary in thicknesses and style. Shown is a Quick Dry Soaker that snaps out for faster drying. Quick dry soaker pads may fold out, snap out, or simply lay into the diaper with no snaps or stitches to hold it in place. Some soakers are called "tri-fold" soaker pads. These are squares or rectangles that fold into thirds. The term "soaker" can be confusing, because knitted wool diaper covers are also called soakers. Shown is an open Very Basic AIO fromTallulah Baby.



A doubler (or a booster) is an extra soaker pad that you lay into your diaper to increase absorbency. I also hear this referred to as a LINER. Kind of confusing, because a NON-absorbent polyester fleece layer that lays into a diaper to keep baby dry is called a LINER as well (see below). Shown are Boosters from Tallulah Baby.



A liner, when refered to a "stay dry liner" is a layer of fabric that wicks moisture from baby's skin into the absorbent layers of the diaper underneath. Stay dry liners do not absorb moisture, but keep baby's bottom feeling dry. Liner fabrics are 100% polyester such as microfleece or suedecloth. I have also seen 100% silk liners that claim to do the same thing with the benefit of being all natural. Shown is a Changing Babies Diaper with their Micro-Liner inside.


Stuffers / Inserts

These can be sewn in a wide variety of ways, some resemble doublers in that they are a narrow, long pad. Others resemble a small contour shape or a square that can be folded. Stuffers or Inserts are used to stuff into Pocket Diapers. See Diaper Stylesfor more information on Pocket Diapers. Shown is an open Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diaper.

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