Diaper Gauze

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Talk about getting back to basics, this nearly-extinct fabric is probably what your grandmother was diapered in! Breezy, breathable, 100% cotton diaper gauze is a fabric that should not be forgotten. With its loose checkerboard weave, and thirsty fibers,

Diaper Gauze makes an incredibly fast drying flat diaper, or an easy to clean fitted (just use enough layers).

The woven checkerboard squares are about one inch square. The fabric is 31" wide. Use a 72" x 31" rectangle folded in half to make a square for a versatile quick drying diaper. Snappis adhere to it perfectly and of course you can always use pins.

Experiment and try layering 8- 10 layers in a soaker pad for a fitted diaper.

Pre-Washing Instructions: Wash on hot and dry on hot using the same detergent you will when your item is sewn. Avoid fabric softener and bleach.

Bulk Discount:

Order 10 - 19 yards and receive 10% off retail price.
Order 20 - 49 yards and receive 15% off retail price.
Order 50 - 199 yards and receive 20% off retail price.
Order 200 yards (full roll) and receive 40% off retail price.

Please contact us for Bulk Discount orders.

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