Remnant Athletic Wicking Mesh Fabric

Temporarily Sold Out

Remnant fabrics are marked down significantly because they may have issues such as any of the following:


End of the roll and may have irregularities

Odd yardage cuts


Fabric Defects


This Athletic Wicking Mesh fabric is soft, incredibly thin, and highly effecient at keeping your skin dry. The dimpled side goes against the skin. When used to line diapers or inserts, it quickly wicks moisture away from the skin to the absorbent layers. It's ideal to use as linings for cloth diapers, stay-dry insers, swim diapers, reusable feminine pads, or any apparel where wicking ability is important.

It comes in 60" width, and composed of 100% polyester.

Washing Instructions: Wash warm or hot, up to 140F, line dry or tumble dry up to medium. Do not use bleach (including oxygen-based laundry additives).


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