3/4 inch No-Pill Foldover Elastic

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Foldover Elastic Binding is very popular for use in binding the edges of your home made cloth diaper covers. You may even use it to bind cloth diapers in lieu of serging the edges.

Our 3/4" foldover elastic binding is $0.50 per yard. It is gentle on baby's skin but resists pilling, snagging and fuzzing in the wash even when washed with diapering items that have hook and loop!

Foldover elastic binding is easy to use, but can take some practiced. Go slowly at first until you get used to using it. The elastic binding is seamed down the center to make folding the elastic around the edge of your diaper simple. No special binding foot is needed.

Using a wide and long zig zag (or multiple/triple zig zag stitch), stitch the elastic to the edges of the cover. When you reach the areas where regular elastic would normally have been applied, stretch the foldover elastic binding as you sew to create a gentle gather.

You may dye your elastic bindings with Rit or Dharma dyes if you'd like to match your bindings to the diaper fabric you're using.

If wishing to order a full roll; 150 yards = 1 roll

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