Very Baby Cloth Diaper Sewing Tips

Make a Show off, cloth diaper—like a pro—with the below tips.

Tip #1
Very Baby Diaper Pattern
This will work with any serged edge diaper pattern

NOTE: If I can find the corresponding photos, to the written instructions, I’ll post them later.

  1. Cut one body layer each of: outer knit or woven print, 1 or 2 mil PUL (or 1 layer of print PUL), and microfleece or suedecloth.
  2. Apply the elastic to the microfleece or suedecloth on the wrong side.
  3. Then place the print face down, the PUL shiny side up on top of that, then the micro or suedecloth elastic side down, right side up on top of that. pin carefully around the edges (or use quilting clips) and serge all around. (This style works best with serging rather than turning and topstitching to reduce wicking).
  4. Next assemble your quick dry soaker and doubler as directed. Apply closures and you’re all done!

This style is missing two absorbent layers in the body to reduce the chance of wicking so it isn’t recommended for night time or long naps. You could try putting a layer of sherpa or hemp in the body between the PUL and microfleece to add absorbency if you wish.

Tip #2
Medium Long Instructions
For the Very Baby Cloth Diaper Pattern

It’s really quite simple:

  1. Fold your pattern piece in half, front to back. Cut on the fold. Tape pieces two inches apart on a sheet of paper. Re-draw curves.
  2. Tape paper behind wing ends and add 1 inch to each wing if you feel it is necessary.
  3. The side snap diaper cover pattern doesn’t really need this. Most often a long size is made from the medium size.