Our most frequently asked questions are answered below. 

Still have questions? We look forward to helping you with your inquiry. Visit our contact page to email us. We respond to messages the  following business day, however, please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Please make sure you've read the information on this page before submitting your questions. Thanks!


How are your fabrics priced?
The listed price is for one full yard (36 inches/91.44 cm) of fabric. If you order a quantity of "1" you will receive 1 yard of fabric. The width will vary and will be listed in the product description. So, if you order quantity 1 of a 60" wide fabric, you'll receive a piece of fabric that is 36 x 60".


How are the other items priced?
Non-cuttable products are priced per item or per set. If the product is a set of something (for example, plastic snaps or die sets), it will tell you what you're getting in the product description. You do not have to enter 3 in the quantity box to get all 3 pieces of a 3-piece die set, just enter 1.


Can I order less than a yard?
No. You may only order in full yard increments.


Do you offer continuous yardage?
Yes, if you order 5 yards of the same fabric, it will come in one big long piece. If you much order higher quantities (bulk pricing) your yardage may be in more than one piece depending on how much is on the rolls.

If, for some reason a smaller quantity of fabric needs to come in two pieces, we'll add extra to make up for the split.


What do I enter in the quantity box?
Any number between 1-1,000. No decimals or fractions.


Do you offer full roll discounts?
Yes, on many of our fabrics there are discounts when ordering 10 yards and up. If available, discount pricing will be listed on the product page and is calculated automatically when you add a qualifying amount to the shopping cart.


Can you help me with yardage requirements?
We've done our best to list the yardage requirements for each pattern on the website. Calculating how much you need is up to you.


How many diapers can I get out of one yard?
It depends on how wide the fabric is, what diaper pattern you're using, and what size of diaper you're making. You waste less fabric by buying more yardage. For example, some places sell "diaper cuts" to make one diaper (kind of like a big fat quarter), but if you bought a yard of that same fabric, you can nest pattern pieces close together and get more for your buck.

To give you a very rough idea, you can generally get 6 - 8 medium size diaper covers out of one yard of 58 - 60" wide waterproof PUL.


What are my payment options?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card directly through our secure online shopping cart. We also accept Paypal payments. If you choose this option, you will be automatically redirected to Paypal upon checkout. You can also use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card through Paypal.


When will my order ship?
Within 24-48 business hours after you place your order.


Do you ship internationally?
Yes! Visit our shipping policies page for detailed information.


I live near you, can I pick up my order?
Yes! Just make sure to include a message with your order that you will be picking it up.


Why wont you cram my order into a flat-rate envelope?
We process a lot of orders during the day and have a pretty streamlined system which enables us to get your orders out in a timely manner. Anything that requires us to hunt down a special box and sort out how much of your order we can stuff into that special box and how much won't fit only slows everything down. Sorry!


Can I order over the phone?
Yes, lots of people do - especially if they're having trouble ordering through the website (which hopefully doesn't happen often!) However, if you want to order over the phone because you're afraid of ordering on the internet please know that when you give us your credit card information, we go through the same online system, ourselves. That's the only way we can process your order and payment. But rest assured, our system is very secure and your information will be kept private.