Aplix Hook and Loop

$ 2.45

Sold by the full yard (36 inches). Aplix is a strong yet soft brand of hook and loop sew on tape similar to Velcro. The loop side is soft, the hook side is a bit scratchy and has little hooks that grab the loop side.

Don't forget to order both the hook and loop sides!

When sewing cloth diapers, the soft loop side generally goes across the front panel of the diaper or cover and smaller hook tabs go on the wings. You can also use extra loop for fold back laundry tabs and a cross over tab.

Plan on using approximately 1 yard of hook tape for every 3 yards of loop tape.

Did you know that Aplix is dyeable? It takes Rit dyes very well.

Hook and Loop FAQ:

Q: Which is better? Aplix or Touchtape? What are the differences?
A: The famous "best" question! There really isn't a "best" choice, it's largely due to personal preference. The main difference between the two brands is that Aplix is quite a bit softer. Most who sew diapers for profit use Aplix, it is kind of the industry standard. However, while Touchtape may be stiffer, it also has a stronger grip. Many people use a combination of the two.

Q: Will Aplix hook work with Touchtape loop and vice a versa?
A: Yes, both sides of both brands will work together.

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