Babymoon Postpartum Pad Pattern - PDF Download

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Our Babymoon Postpartum Pad Pattern allows you to make soft, reusable, washable feminine protection for that sensitive time after you give birth.
Style A is created especially for use immediately after childbirth when you have your heaviest postpartum flow. It features a waterproof shell with gussets and a innovative pocket for an ice pack.
Style B is for the 2 - 6 weeks after childbirth when your flow is still quite heavy. This style may also be used after the postpartum period as a heavy flow or overnight pad.

Please note that if you are ordering any other items, it would be best to order them separately from the PDF patterns if you want to be able to download the patterns immediately. The link to download the PDF patterns will only be sent AFTER the rest of your order is shipped.

Fabric Yardage to make ONE Pad:
Yardages are estimates! You can likely make these pads using scraps left over from diaper making.

Style A & B Fabric
Scrap of PUL (or other waterproof fabric), or a 1/2 yard PUL yields around 8 shells.
Scraps of absorbent fabric (sherpa knit terry, hemp french terry, hemp fleece, etc.), or 2/3 yard absorbent fabric yields around 8 soaking pads.

Style A Notions
1/2 yard Foldover Elastic (FOE) per pad. This can be omitted if you'd like to serge the edges.
1/2 yard 1/4" Polybraid Elastic per pad.
Snack sized ziplock baggie.

Style B Notions
1 cap/stud snap set per pad or 2 cap/socket sets OR small pieces of hook and loop sew on tape per pad.

Sew and Sell
If you'd like to sew these pads and sell them, we think that's great! It'd be nice if you linked back to us and told everyone you were using our Babymoon Pad Pattern. That'd be swell. Happy Sewing!

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