Standard Size 20 Snap Parts

$ 1.75

By ordering Quantity 1 of this item, you will receive 100 Standard Size 20 Snap Snaps in the part and single color of your choice. Sorry, we do not mix colors to reach the quantity of 100, however, you may order another 100 caps in a different color if you choose.

These snaps cannot be applied by using a simple hand tool or plier set, they require the use of a Professional Hand Press and the appropriate Die Set.

Our Standard Plastic Snaps are made of a polyacetal resin and are stronger than regular plastic snaps you may find elsewhere, but are not as strong as our guaranteed Industrial Snaps.

Standard Snaps have a typical size and shape that you may be used to seeing on cloth diapers already. They can most likely be used in the same die set/snap press set up as similar plastic snaps on the market. (If your press is from another retailer, please order a sample prior to ordering many snaps to be sure they work with your press).

Our Standard Die Set applies these snaps as well as most other plastic snaps available elsewhere.

Some Common Snap Questions:
Q: I understand that the Industrial Snaps have their own size sockets and studs for each size available. But I'm confused, is there only one socket and stud size for both the Standard Size 20 and Size 16 snaps?
A: Yes, the "standard" socket and stud pieces work well with both the Standard Size 20 caps and the Standard Size 16 caps.
Q: Can I use a Standard Size 20 Cap with a socket or stud on one side of the diaper and a Standard Size 16 Cap with the other snap part on the other side of the diaper?
A: Yes, lots of women like to do this so that the smaller size 16 snap cap is facing the baby's skin. Alternatively you can hide the snap caps in between the cloth diaper layers.
Q: What size is most popular?
A: It is mostly personal preference - you can use whatever size you like. But the size 20 does seem to be the most popular snap in cloth diapering.

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