Very Baby Solid PUL Fabric

100% Polyester knit laminated with 1 mil waterproof, breathable backing. Approx. 58" wide.

"PUL" is an acronym for Polyurethane Laminate fabric. Some say it as "pull" others spell out the letters P-U-L. This popular diapering fabric is actually a fabric developed for the medical industry. It is soft, pliable, and waterproof. It can withstand high temperatures and a lot of use.

PUL can be used in waterproof diaper covers and as the outer layer in All in One diapers. You can also use PUL for baby bibs, art smocks and aprons, bed wetter sheets, training pants, mattress pads, and washable feminine products.

Washing Instructions: Wash warm, up to 140F, line dry or tumble dry up to medium. Do not use bleach.