Extra Large Instructions

Extra Large Instructions

Pattern: Very Basic All in One Pattern

These instructions were put together by Erica of SnuggleYou! – thank you Erica!

OK, I took some pics of my Extra Large AIO and how I made an Extra Large pattern, hope it makes sense!

Here is a pic of the XL size (pink) next to a large (turquoise) and a medium (red).


Now here is how I cut my large pattern:
As you can see, I have spaced the cut 2 inches apart.

Then I tape it to the new pattern sheet. I was going to use a brown paper bag as an example, but as you can see, it doesn't give the wings enough room for extending. Pretend that the new pattern is an inch past the cut pattern and the extension lines that I drew were that much longer. I just free-handed it and probably if you do it, you will make it a lot nicer, like I did on my original XL pattern.

When you extend your wings, you will extend them 1 inch on each side.
Then you cut out your new pattern and VOILA you have an extra large pattern! I hope that is clear; holler if I missed something or if you have questions!

One last thing, the internal soaker for the Extra Large AIO is 14 inches in length.