Pattern: Snug Wrap Diaper Cover pattern

These instructions are going to be included in the new version of the Snug Wrap pattern, due sometime before I die. Here is a sneak peek!

These instructions were put together by Jessica of Mommy’s Little Sweetie. Thanks Jess!

Here you see the whole pattern traced out. No changes yet.
I measured in 1" on the wing and completed a curve.
On the front panel I measured in 1" on the top and 2 1/4" on the side and joined the two marks with a curve.
Here all of my marks have been made. I kept the elastic marks the same so that it didn’t change the size of the Snug Wrap.
Now I have my pattern cut out and you can see where the changes have been made.
I gathered my elastic on the front panel so that it still had a snug fit. I marked the middle of the front panel and measured in 2" on each side of my mark.
Here I have cut and serged together my two layers of PUL and marked my elastic anchor points.
Then I started my fold-over elastic (FOE) about 1" before my first elastic anchor point on the back waist.
I continue all the way around the wrap with my FOE, never cutting it, and zigzagging a little past where I first started.
Once my elastic is sewn down I then turn my wrap over, wrap the elastic to the back, stitch it down and cut it off.
The following placement for the snaps is for the MED or ML snug wrap. I haven’t done the measurements for the others. The only thing that I suggest is that you make sure that when you place the snaps you have it far enough down on the wing so that you won’t get a gap. (I hope that makes sense.) I went in 1" from the edge of the wing and started my snap placement. I placed the snaps 1" apart horizontally and 2" apart vertically.
On the front panel, I placed the snaps on the elastic to help keep it from curling. I placed them 2" apart.
Here it is with all of the snaps placed.
I kept the Very Baby label on the front because I like to have it there!
Also here are a few pictures of the ones that I made…