Professional Snap Press

Professional Snap Press

Our Professional Snap Press works with various Snap Dies (sold separately) to apply plastic snaps quickly and easily.

Use your snap press to apply durable plastic snaps to clothing, slings, cloth diapers, diaper covers, or anywhere you'd normally use a button.

Our press accepts 3/8" plug-in style dies. There are small bolts to tighten the die piece in place.

Our presses are heavy and stable enough to be used without bolting to a table or piece of wood, yet light weight enough to carry with one hand.

Our snap presses are guaranteed for life, should anything break or malfunction on your press you can ship it back to us for repair or replacement, and we'll refund your shipping cost. However, these presses are very durable. We've only had to fix two in over five years.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Does the price of the press include a die set, or are those separate?
A: No, because we offer different snap styles and sizes, we allow you to select the die set you desire.

Q: How much does it cost to ship a snap press and a die set to my location?
A: Snap Presses and a few die sets weigh about 15 pounds with the box. Add one to our shopping cart and enter your information, the cart will give you a shipping total so you can see what it will cost to ship to your location.

Q: Is using a snap press hard? 
A: If you've been hammering on snaps, you're in for a treat. Using your professional snap press is a piece of cake.

Q: Does it require a lot of strength to push the handle down?
A: No, if you can carry a baby around, you have enough strength to apply a snap. I like to set my press on my cutting table or a stool at waist level. I lean my body weight onto the handle when I press & the snaps come out perfectly.