Sew a Fleece Diaper Cover

Pattern: Very Baby Diaper Pattern

These photos and instructions were put together by Cindy at Shannyn’s Harvest – thank you Cindy!

Step One: Cut out your pattern pieces just as you would to make a diaper. However add an extra 1/4″ – 1/2″ all the way around your pattern. Use 200 wt, 300 wt, or Windpro fleece for the outer layer. The inner layer can be microfleece. Use the same elastic anchor points but move them out towards the new edge so they are the same distance from the edge as they are on the diaper pattern.

Step Two: Apply the elastic either to just one inside layer, or to both using the blind method. Apply your snaps just like the pattern directs, though you’ll want to move them out a bit to line up with the new edge. Add two snaps about an inch apart to the back if you plan on using a Mini Diaper with your new fleece shell.

All Done!