Sew a Mini Diaper, an elasticized Contour Diaper

Pattern: Very Baby Diaper Pattern

These photos and instructions were put together by Cindy at Shannyn's Harvest – thank you Cindy!

Mini Diapers are small, elasticized contour diapers. They are handy for use in wool shells to create a Wool in One. You can also use them to lay or snap into fleece shells, PUL covers.

Step One: Making your pattern. I'm using a size small pattern piece here. Note how the front nearly matches the back with the exception of the back being 1/4″ – 1/2″ larger than the front.

sew a mini diaper

Step Two: Mark your elastic placements right where the diaper elastic anchor points are – the top elastic anchor point is moved in a bit, but at the same level. I measured four snap settings across the top about an inch apart.

Here's the mini diaper pattern ready to go.

how to sew elasticized contour pattern

Here you can see how the front is slightly smaller than the back.

contour diaper pattern

Step Three: Cut your pattern pieces and stack. If you're making your mini diapers like a regular diaper, you'll want to use two layers of sherpa knit terry and a cute outer knit print.

Tip: Because the mini diaper doesn't have to be stretchy like the regular diaper, you can use woven prints or flannels on the outside for a wider variety of cuteness.

Apply elastic to leg openings only just like you would for the diaper. I lined mine with microfleece and made a matching micro lined contour soaker.

sew micro lined contour soaker

Step Four: Use the soaker template to cut out your soaker pad layers. Cindy topped hers in microfleece as well.

sew mini diaper lay in

Step Five: Apply snaps to back panel only. The outer 2 snaps are to attach your soaker. The inner 2 snaps are to snap your mini diaper into a cover.

Tip: It doesn't really matter whether you use sockets or studs in the description above, just be sure to use the opposite side on the shell or soaker where you intend to snap it to.

mini diaper with snaps

Step Six: Apply the opposite snaps to your soaker pad. Here it is all snapped in.

completed mini diaper contour diaper with elastic

Step Seven: Apply the opposite snaps to your cover or shell, if desired. Here it is all snapped in. The elastic pulls the cover up under the mini diaper, but when it's all on a baby, you have a nice and trim, absorbent diaper that dries quick to boot!

mini diaper sewing

Step Eight: Sew on your label if you have some and you're all set! As a bonus, the smaller sized mini diapers will fit nicely inside of a large diaper to be used as a soaker when the smaller sizes are outgrown.

mini diaper sewing