Sew a simple One Size Fitted Diaper

Sew a simple One Size Fitted Diaper

No snap press? No desire to hammer on a bunch of metal snaps? Still want a one size fitted diaper for your baby?

Perfect! With our One Size Fitted Diaper Pattern you can accomplish all of that, and quickly too, the pattern is available as an instant, printable download after you order!

I like using stretch terry to make these, but you can use anything a Snappi will grip to, or if you're going to use pins, heck, anything soft and absorbent will do.

(Snappis will grip to stretch terry, birdseye pique, even knit fabrics)

I cut 3 diaper body layers out of Stretch Terry:

Cutting fabric

I cut 4 more layers using my quick dry soaker template, serged those up and set them aside.

I applied the elastic through two of my stretch terry layers, then placing the remaining layer on top (hiding the elastic inside), serged them all together.

Super simple. (Would be easy peasy with the Stitch & Turn method too… no serger required)


I laid the soaker pad in, folded the top down to the desired height…

Easy one size fits all

Snappi (or pin) that puppy on, and you're golden!

One Size diaper pattern

Hint: You can also just use a snug fitting diaper cover on top and omit any fasteners, but I do think on really active babies, fastening the diaper in some way is a good idea.

Whip up a whole bunch!


p.s. The 3 layers of stretch terry plus 4 more layers in the soaker pad? Awesome. I love these diapers.

Easy, simple.