Sew a Wool in One Diaper

Pattern:  Very Basic All in one

Since wool requires special care, a true All-in-One diaper using wool isn't really possible. The absorbent fabrics need to be able to snap out so they can be washed with your other diapering items. We love wool at our house, my youngest is just a tad sensitive to PUL so I always have him sleep in wool. This was a fun diaper to make – enjoy!

Step One: I used two layers of wool interlock. Two layers of wool jersey or wool flannel would also work well. I can get away with one layer for my kids, but the construction of this type of Wool in One requires two layers. Wool interlock is very stretchy!

Tip: Using your pattern extension lines, cut two layers of your prepared, felted and fulled wool fabric. Cut both layers using the extension lines – that way your shell will fit over prefolds too if you want to use it as a cover.

step one

Step Two: Follow the directions and serge or straight stitch down both sides leaving the back and front open. Apply elastic & close back waist as directed. Turn the wool shell right side out.

step two

Step Three: Top-stitch the front and back panel – you can top-stitch all around if you wish, I'd pull the elastic tighter through the legs in step Two if you choose to top-stitch all around. Apply Aplix® hook and loop or snaps.

step three

Apply two cap/studs to the shell. Caps go on the outside, studs go on the inside. Place them about 3 – 3.5″ apart just a finger space below the back waist elastic.


You can create a snap in soaker like this. I traced around an infant prefold I had. This is two layers of hemp fleece and it's about 11.5″ x 14″. I serged around it but you could use a tight, wide zig zag stitch. Make sure the stitches are going half off over the edge to secure edges.Apply two cap/sockets making sure they line up properly with the cap/studs you applied to the shell. I like to place the snaps over to one side rather than in the middle, that way when the soaker is folded into thirds, no seams touch the baby's bottom.


Snap in your soaker and fold it in thirds. You could top the center part with microfleece or suedecloth if you wish.

soaker snapped in

All done! It works great! But this fabric is SO nice and stretchy it fits like a large so I use the crossover tab for my smaller baby and my toddler can wear it too. Wool Jersey or Wool Flannel wouldn't have this kind of stretch so it would fit more true to size.