Sew No Curl Wings

Pattern: Very Baby Snug Wrap Diaper Cover pattern

Follow the pattern instructions and apply your front loop strip and fold over elastic. Tip: We’ve found the pill free thinner foldover elastic resists curling best. Also, even though it’s a pain, foldover elastic can shrink a bit. Pre wash yours when you pre wash your outer fashion print. Put fold over elastic yardage in a mesh lingere bag so it doesn’t tangle up in your washer. Dry on hot with it still in the bag.

An almost completed Snug Wrap

Step One: Instead of using 1.5? hook, use this template (right click on it and select ‘print’ – or just eye it) and cut two one and a half inch strip of 1? wide loop Aplix® or Touchtape®. Round the edges.

Step one

Step Two: Sew these to the wings with a little less than a half inch hanging off the edge. I use a straight stitch and sew close the the edge of the curve of the foldover elastic. Pivot and sew around the rest of the rectangular part of the tab.

Step Two

If you’re lazy like I sometimes am, you could be done at this point. See? No wing curl! The smaller hook tabs are far away from baby’s skin, and it looks cute too.

See how cute!

You may want to add a crossover tab for thinner babies. Use the template again and cut one more rounded tab out of 1? wide loop. Round the edges to match one of the tabs already sewn to the diaper.

Crossover tab Step One

The crossover tab is going to be sewn to the front of the wrap on top of one of the hook tabs. (psst, you can also cut 1" strips of loop for foldback laundry tabs – see mine by the scissor handles?)

You can add fold back laundry tabs

Using a straight stitch, sew around the edge of the loop tab right on top of one of the hook tabs. The closer to the edge you can get, the better.

Next, if you wish – sew the loop pieces a finger space away from the hook tabs on the inside of the wrap for foldback laundry tabs. My hook tab is folded back onto the laundry tab in the photo.

Crossover tab Step Two

All done!