Sewing Tips for the Very Basic All in One

Error on soaker length in Very Basic AIO pattern

Error on the size small soaker length in Very Basic AIO pattern! It should be 10? long, not 8!

Medium Long Instructions

It’s really quite simple:

Fold your pattern piece in half, front to back. Cut on the fold. Tape pieces two inches apart on a sheet of paper. Re-draw curves.

Tape paper behind wing ends and add 1 inch to each wing if you feel it is necessary.

The side snap diaper cover pattern doesn’t really need this. Most often a long size is made from the medium size.

For the Very Baby fitted diapers I add 2? to the soaker length.

For the Very Basic All in One pattern I use the medium width and large length for the soaker.

I personally have not adjusted the wings for either pattern, but everyone’s needs are different.

Snaps on a Very Basic Pocket Diaper

To add snaps to the Very Basic Pocket Diaper, see the tutorial for Sew a Fleece All in One with Snaps instead of Aplix. Scroll past Step Five;-)

TIP: Elastic lengths for the Very Basic All in One Diaper

Given to you courtesy of LaVon of Tallulah Baby – thanks Grandma!

The unstretched elastic should be:

NB leg (each leg): 4? waist: 4.25?
S leg: 4.5? waist: 5?
ML leg: smidgen over 6? waist: 8?
M leg 5.25? waist: 6?
L leg 5.5? waist: 7 – 7.5?