Traditional Leading Edge Pocket Opening

pocket-insert-lg You’ll need to purchase the One-Size Pocket Diaper Pattern for this tutorial. Visit Shop >

This is the style of pocket opening, Tereson Dupuy, the maker of Fuzzi Bunz® holds a patent for. If you’re going to sell diapers made with this style of pocket opening, make sure you contact the patent owner for permission and/or licensing.

To create this pocket opening, take a strip of paper and tape it behind your pattern using the elastic placement dot as a guide, you want 1/2″ sticking up beyond the pattern.

Tape it down as shown.

Use this template to cut out your waterproof and microfleece layers, so that both layers have that tab at the top. Cut on the fold as directed.

You’ll want to follow the steps in your Very Baby One Size Pocket Diaper Pattern to place your rise snaps and front tummy panel closures. Then use the following tutorials to finish the leading edge pocket opening. Ignore other construction directions in the tutorials, just look for the photos and information to finish your pocket opening. Then, use the Very Baby One Size Pocket Diaper Pattern instruction sheets to complete the rest of your diaper.

This tutorial uses elastic in both the microfleece and waterproof layer sides, so you’ll have two back elastic pieces.

This tutorial only uses elastic in the waterproof layer tab. You just fold the microfleece tab in and stitch to create a free flowing pocket opening.

Finish your tabs first, then follow the rest of the directions in the pattern, omitting the steps to cut your pocket slit open.