Bamboo Wipes

$ 0.50

Soft, gentle and absorbent wipes that uses bamboo velour for wiping tender skin. Comes in a pair (front back) to make 1 wipe. Pieces are rough cut and un-sewn.

May also be paired with terry or cotton sherpa on the other side for a little heavier duty cleaning. It is perfect in thickness and in size.


Designed for multi-functional use, these wipes can be used as any or all of the following:

*resusable alternative to disposable baby wipes for cleaning babies’ bottoms; keep at least 24 wipes for this purpose

*boosters or doublers for reusable cloth diapers when extra absorbency is needed

*wash cloths for cleaning dirty little faces, fingers, or runny noses *traveling towels or make-up removers

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