$ 8.95

Microfleece is 60" wide, 100% polyester, and features a double velour finish (soft and plush on both sides).

Microfleece resists staining, is extraordinarily soft, and wicks moisture away from baby's skin to keep baby's bottom dry and rash free.

Use microfleece right next to baby's skin whether you're sewing a cloth diaper, pocket diaper, an All in One diaper, or simply cutting liners to lay in existing cloth diapers. Microfleece does not fray or unravel, so there is no need to finish the edges. Microfleece is handy for lining home sewn cloth diaper covers to keep the plasticy laminate away from baby's skin. You can also cut strips of microfleece to bind covers, diapers, and All in Ones. Microfleece also makes soft and comfortable gussets.

Microfleece also makes lovely baby blankets, loveys, pajamas, hats, mittens, scarves, and rompers. Many find that a layer of microfleece on top of washable feminine products helps keep mom dry and comfortable as well.

Pre-Washing Instructions: Microfleece does not shrink, so pre washing to pre shrink is not necessary. You may still pre wash to rinse out excess dye or any dust gathered during shipment. Avoid fabric softener and bleach. Cloth diapering and personal items made with microfleece may be washed and dried on hot.

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