Woven Home Sewn Very Baby Labels

$ 0.25

At last! Professional damask woven labels for the home sewist!

5/8" tall and an inch an a half wide, the edges are heat sealed so they won't fray, just sew on with a straight stitch or zig zag stitch.

You can sew these labels on anything you make with our Very Baby™ brand sewing patterns.

$0.25 regular price
$0.20 for 20+
$0.15 for 100+

Note! We carry and sell patterns manufactured by other companies such as New Conceptions™ and Little Comet Tails™. These patterns are not Very Baby brand patterns. Do not sew our Very Baby™ home sewn labels to items made with New Conceptions™ or Little Comet Tails™ patterns -- or items made from any other brand/company patterns. Thank you!

Can I use these labels on the Very Baby diapers I sew even if I am not an Approved Seamstress?
Yes! These labels are for all home sewers. Our Approved Seamstresses use a larger, special label that features our logo.

Can I sell the diapers I make with your patterns and use these labels?
Sure, check out our new pattern policies for more information. If you sell more than 100 diapers a year, consider becoming an Approved Seamstress and enjoy all the benefits and clout of club membership!

Can I apply these labels to some pants I made?
No! These labels are only for use on items you sew with Very Baby™ patterns! It is illegal to apply them to anything else.

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