Personal Things Pattern by New Conceptions

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Suggested Fabric

Mini Tote: Waterproof wovens or knits such as Ultrex, Supplex, felted wool, or polyurethane laminated fabrics.

Contoured Nursing Pads, Sanitary Pads, Panty Liner, She Shell, Femme-Fold Sanitary Pad: Absorbent layers: 100% cotton interlock, jersey, knit terry, french terry, flannel, light-weight twill, lace fabric for outer layer optional on contoured nursing pads.

Waterproof layer: Polyester Knit Polyurethane Laminate "PUL", felted and fulled wool.

Panty Wrapper: Light-weight fabrics, woven or knit, 100% cotton or cotton blends, such as interlock, jersey, flannel and calico.

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