Very Basic All in One Diaper Pattern - PDF Download

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Easy to sew reusable multi-sized All in One (AIO) Cloth Diapers. The waterproof barrier is sewn right in, so no additional diaper covers are needed.

This pattern can be used to sew fitted diapers, pocket diapers, and more using our free, bonus instructions at our weblog.

This pattern comes with four different pattern pieces to make the following sizes:
XS/Newborn: birth - 12lbs
Small: 10lbs - 16lbs
Medium: 15lbs - 25lbs
Large: 22lbs - 40lbs


Please note that if you are ordering any other items, it would be best to order them separately from the PDF patterns if you want to be able to download the patterns immediately. The link to download the PDF patterns will only be sent AFTER the rest of your order is shipped.



Double Body Layers - The outside is a waterproof fabric. We recommend: Polyester, Polyurethane Laminate ‘PUL’. The inner layers are referred to as ‘absorbent body layers’ in this instruction guide. We recommend a thin, soft absorbent fabric such as: 100% cotton birdseye fabric. Other fabrics such as: sherpas, cotton French terry, hemp French terry, hemp fleece or woven terry towelling may be used but keep in mind these fabrics are thicker and can result in a bulkier AIO. For the soaker pad,  we recommend using 100% cotton birdseye fabric or 100% cotton diaper flannel. If you use thicker, bulkier fabrics for the soaker pad, only use 3 to 4 layers. Super Doublers are made of 1 layer of diaper flannel and 2 layers of birdeye.


Thread: high quality 100 % polyester thread

Elastic: ¼”polybraid or cotton swimsuit elastic. ½ yard for Newborn, Small. 2/3 yard for Medium, Large.

Hook and Loop: Aplix® or Touchtape® brand hook and loop sew on tape. See below.

Needles: 14/90 universal needles.


X- Small, Small AIO

Medium AIO

Large AIO

4 inches of hook,                12 inches of loop. 1”wide

4 inches of hook,                     15 inches of loop. 1.5” wide

4 inches of 1.5” wide hook, 15 inches of 2” wide loop



Single Diaper: 2 1/8 yards 36” wide birdseye for two full body layers, 8 layers of the soaker pad and 2 doubler pieces. ¼ yard of diaper flannel for one layer in the super doubler – or use a scrap 5/8 yard 60” wide waterproof fabric for one outer layer. If you use 60” wide you’ll have enough waterproof fabric for a second outer layer for your next diaper.

One dozen diapers – Making many diapers at a time is the best way to maximize your fabric width and use fabric economically. 24 yards of 36” wide birdseye fabric will yield 12 diapers, their soakers and 2 layer super doublers. Add 2 yards of diaper flannel for the third layer in the super doublers. 3/5 yard of 60” PUL will yield 12 outer layers.

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